Get attuned to our tyme

by The X-Ray Harpoons



50 years ago a whole generation of bands emerged from the cellars of their parents' suburban homes, turning their teenage frustration into a mesmerizing vision of what they wanted their lives to be like. Fuzz guitars and organs were the weapons of choice in their crusade against the mustiness of their daily routine. Songs about sex, drugs and girls were their answer to a society that didn’t really try to understand them. In their search for the purest articulation of rock’n’roll they became the voice of a rebellious youth. The rest is history…

Rising from the ashes of the past, The X-Ray Harpoons take on these pioneers' legacy and bring 60s garage music into present day. After two highly acclaimed singles they finally release their debut album « Get attuned to our tyme » on the Hamburg-based label copaseDisques. In 13 psych-o-delic garage punk killers they wander on paths beyond popular 60s clichés and make clear that the genre is more than just a nostalgic belief that everything was better in the past.

The band first saw the lights of stage in 2006 and developed their own style of music, strongly influenced by sixties garage bands like The Music Machine, The Brogues or We The People and 80s Garage Revival Bands like The Fuzztones, The Gruesomes or The Gravedigger V. Through the years the line-up changed but they remained true to their ideals: Roaring basslines, screaming fuzz guitars, swirling organ sounds and a wild drumbeat merge into an intoxicating sound crowned by a strong expressive voice!

On their debut album they deliver 11 self-penned fuzz-drenched, organ-driven songs with frantic vocals + 2 carefully picked covers. All songs were recorded on 8 track reel to reel at Living Room Sounds by Roman Aul (Redondo Beat), mixed at Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios by Dennis Rux (Thee Pounders, Rhonda, Trashmonkeys) and mastered by Eroc (Grobschnitt).

The X-Ray Harpoons are not your average 60s garage revival band but mind-melting fuzz and organ-driven teenangst sounds that would fill the dancefloors in an alternative world. To accurately verbalize it: started in '66, stopped over in '85 to eventually arrive in the here and now! You can’t help but « get attuned to their tyme »

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released February 28, 2014



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The X-Ray Harpoons Köln, Germany

Rising from the ashes of the past THE X-RAY HARPOONS deliver a very delicious cocktail of maximum 60s authenticity and coolness refined with a post-adolescent attitude! It fuzzes, squeals and rumbles to an awe-inspiring high level! Whoever has the faintest interest in mid-/end-60's garage/psych or 80's neo-garage should re-adjust their antennas and set ears to receive! ... more

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